Tutorial: Sound Design for 3D Artists

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If you're a visual artist and want to step up your game, check out this fast sound design workflow using free software! Put on your headphones and roll up your sleeves!

Software used in this video (not sponsored):

Video Editing Software - Davinci Resolve 17

Soundly - Sound Effects Library

Blender - 3D Application

00:00​ Sound design!
00:28​ Video export from Blender
01:29​ Importing to Davinci Resolve 17
01:49​ The beauty of sound design
03:03​ Exploring the SFX library
03:51​ Whoosh sounds!
05:24​ Copy and paste clip attributes
05:56​ Convert to fake stereo
06:28​ More whoosh sounds!
08:05​ Impact and spin sounds!
09:44​ Reverb tips and tricks
13:27​ Finishing touches and result
14:06​ 200 IQ rendering tip?
15:43​ Nevermind!
16:15​ Replacing previz with final render
16:42​ Thanks for watching!

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