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UK has worst coronavirus death rate among similar countries - BBC News

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The latest comprehensive analysis of deaths during the pandemic reveals that the UK - and England especially - has suffered more deaths than similar countries in the G7 and Europe.

Officially the UK government claims it's too early to make international comparisons. But when adjusted for size of population and the number of deaths expected in a normal year the UK comes out worst on almost every measure, compared with countries which are also past the first peak.

Meanwhile the Welsh government has announced that people from two households will be able to form one extended household from next Monday. The first minister Mark Drakeford said the change would enable many families to be reunited for the first time since March.

In Scotland shops have been allowed to reopen as long as they can be accessed directly from the street. Some workplaces, zoos and playgrounds have also reopened and couples can also hold outdoor weddings with a limited number of guests.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting from Economics Editor Faisal Islam, Wales Correspondent Hywel Griffith and Scotland Editor Sarah Smith.

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