Unicorn & Fairy Makeover for Pirate island!!! Surprise pirate play ship for Adley and our family ☠

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have you ever met a Sea horseacorn?!


HEY EVERYBODY!! Dad gathered Niko, Mom, and me at pirate island to blindfold us!! He told us that there was a giant surprise that he was excited to show us! We started walking a long way and I wanted to try and guess what it was but dad kept being sneaky!! He took us by the hand and led us through a giant maze and took us to the beach!! He then lined us all up and counted down before he took off our blindfolds! When I opened my eyes I couldn't believe what I was seeing!! It was a HUGE PIRATE SHIP!!! It was so cool! There is a steering wheel, a prison part, a big inside room with fairies and mermaids, a top deck with a pirate captain, and giant water cannons!! We explored all over and it was beautiful!! Mom, Niko, and I were so excited and ran from place to place!! I can't believe that pirate island just became more pirate!!

my last video - NiKO CAT NOIR and ADLEY LADY BUG vs WiFi MOM family pretend play as Adleys favorite cartoon show

my dad's last video - PiRATE SHiP for the KiDS!!! it is Finally Here! the ultimate island makeover and family surprise ☠️

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*
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