Unpredictable - Diablo 2 Randomizer / 30x Enemies [Assassin Part 13]

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So, we tried out the Diablo 2 Randomizer (aka d2modmaker) - with 30x enemies, and all kinds of randomness with uniques, set items, and runewords. This first run, we're going with the assassin, since it's okay at crowd control, without being especially item dependent.

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There are multiple mods for either scaling or increasing the resolution, each with differing effects.

If you want to maintain aspect ratio (and have the intended gameplay experience), I recommend looking up the GLIDE mod, it requires some fiddling but maintains the most true experience.

If you want wide-screen or high resolution (views more of the battlefield than originally intended), then you will want to look up the D2 MultiRes mod.


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