Virtual Burning Man Set (Alexa Melo)- AUG 2020 - Apocalypse Addition

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This is a set of original live music I recorded In Aug 2020, in my friends bedroom in Oakland for virtual Burning Man. Burning man was cancelled last year do to the COVID-19 Pandemic and replaced with a strange Virtual Reality Experience. My Burning Man Camp, Reverbia compiled a livestream of band performances to contribute to the artificial world for those in virtual reality glasses to enjoy if they were to stumble across our virtual "stage". This was recorded as wildfires raged all over California, including Sonoma County which is where I had been living at the time. A few days prior, I had been evacuated, and between the fires, the pandemic and some unrelated hardships in my personal life, let's just say, I was in a dire, unrepressed spiral of cynicism.
I hope you enjoy the songs, despite the disclaimers and I hope you enjoy the banter despite the insanity.
Here's the track list

Troubled Boy - 4:16 (debut)
2020 - 8:32 (unreleased)
You Don't Love Me - 13:16 (to be released in 2021)
Out For Blood - 21:28 (to be released in 2021)
SleepWalk - 25:45 (unreleased)
Glitched Out - 32:33 (to be released in 2021)
Demoted - 38:01 (debut)
Sex and Candy - 41:42 (cover)
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